• Integrated Control Consoles
  • Propulsion Remote Control System
  • Alarm and Monitoring System
  • Tank Level Monitor and Gauge Valve Control
  • Switchboards and Power Management System (PMS)
  • Dredging Control System
  • Network Management System
  • Video Monitor System
  • Data Remote Transmission

SIBO Catalogue

SIBO Catalogue

SIBO Group consists of the mother company. Shanghai SIBO Monitor Technique Engineering Co Ltd., and four affiliate companies – Shanghai SIBO Automation Co.. Ltd. Jiangsu SIBO Electrics Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Noris-SIBO Automation Co., Ltd and Shanghai CRAW MET System Co. Ltd.

Shanghai SIBO Monitor Technique Engineering Co Ltd. (SIBO) was established in 1992. Since then, the firm mainly involves itself in designing and manufacturing automation systems for ships and has provided products and services for over 2,000 vessels either domestic or international, which has built a good image and enjoyed an excellent reputation among our clients.